Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Turn Your iPod into the Ultimate PowerPoint Accessory

I want this!!! Micro Persuasion: Turn Your iPod into the Ultimate PowerPoint Accessory"

Beorn is a computer geek exstordinare but since we are both students we are poor. This quarter the landscape class has been very scattered. The new lecturer is all over the place and he shows very few slides. To me showing slides of landscapes and talking about them is central to this class. So I keep on wanting to show slides and video clips during my discussion section. If I could I would spend all my discussions visiting various landscapes, but I only have 50 minutes and the campus has a limited number of interesting landscapes.

The point of this story is that my laptop was super old. It was heavy and almost too slow to actually show powerpoint. Then two weeks ago it died in the middle of a discussion section. Last week I managed to just discuss with no media crutch, but this week I really want to show some clips and slides. So I have to borrow a laptop from Beorn or the department if I can manage to find the I.T. guy.

I don't really have the money for a new laptop and I don't really want one anyway. As a grad student I have access to multiple public and semi-private computers on campus. Why would I want to carry around a laptop? Too bad my palm pilot or my thumb-drive can't show video clips or powerpoint, but Beorn pointed out that a video i-pod can. $200 doesn't seem too bad, but really why can't they outfit the classroom media stations with enough of a hard drive to play this stuff?

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