Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scribefire- Firefox 3 bugs?

It seems that Scribefire may be having some issues with Firefox 3 as my last couple of posts arrived at the blog somewhat incomplete. Hopefully it was just a glitch.

In summary:

  • Mockingbirds singing at 12:30 AM = annoying
  • The Guild = funny
(The mockingbird photo is from jessicafm's photostream on flickr, used under creative commons license. Thanks Jessica!)


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Return of Gaming and Sci-fi to Breena's mind

Since turning in my thesis and moving, I have had a chance to relax a little and catch up on some of my other interests. The kitties and I are settling in with the roommates and dog at "yoga house." I have been running into many old friends from college and high school on facebook. I'm looking forward to watching movies and reading novels all summer. Yoga House now has high-speed internet so I can download all the podcasts I want! The first one on my list is The Guild. If you have ever played online games


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Web Misogyny

I'm sure that this-Men who hate women on the Web | Salon- is old news to most of you, but I just wanted to point out that misogyny directed at female writers on the web isn't what we should be focusing on. These incidents are just the tip of the f*cking iceberg when it comes to hatred of and violence against women in this country. True, these guys on the web feel free to say whatever crap comes into their heads because they can hide, but that is what is allowing us to see a bit of what is going on in their f*cked up minds.

On the other side, I am so frustrated that intelligent, successful women like Joan Walsh are still questioning whether or not they should respond or get upset when this kind of crap happens. These guys aren't going to stop just because we ignore them. This country needs to face up to the problem instead of hiding or minimizing it.


I Have Attained Mastery!

Of what? I'm not sure, but my thesis is signed and submitted! Yay! I don't think it has quite sunk in yet. Now Beorn just has to finish his finals and we will both be graduated and ready to move on. Beorn will be out of town for most of the summer at "field school." I will be sharing a house with some other women and their pets. It will be an adventure. In September Beorn and I will head off to Crunchy U. I still won't be posting here much for the next week because Beorn is leaving tomorrow and most of our apartment still isn't packed. He will be back next weekend for graduation and we will move the furniture then. Yuck! I hate moving.