Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My New Favorite Thing

I'm so excited about independently made web-based radio and TV shows. What's the proper name for these things? podcasts? v-blogs?

What's playing tonight? My new favorite...Galacticast spoofs The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

One of my favorite halloweens ever was the year I was living in Boston. It must have been 1994. My then boyfriend (who later turned out to be insane, literally) and I went to Rocky Horror in Cambridge. They had a killer floor show. I have seen Rocky Horror in at least three states and numerous theaters over the years, but I have never seen a floor show like that. It was like a full blown theater production.


Anonymous said...

You got good taste... ;)

I was in a Rocky Horror Picture Show band in 1995 that performed before the floor show on Halloween (in Montreal). I played guitar and sang in the band... in fact, I actually sang "Science Fiction Double Feature" to an audience of about 500 people and they all sang along in unison. It was the only time I felt like a rock goddess... :P

I'm really glad you're enjoying our show, a lot of it is made by us talking to each other about silly things and saying "that would be hilarious!".

Take care and happy belated Halloween!

Miguel Drummond de Castro said...

They should make pumpkins as big as cars and forget everything about cars. A no cars day would be lovely. Or everybody hiding their cars under some tattered rags, of just under some floral upholstery. Hiding them and not finding them next day. Panic? Wonderful. The panic movement comes from the tidings of the great god Pan, still alive, even in the orderly USA.

From another country, with regards,