Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kids and Cats

The comments over at Bitch Ph.D. are hilarious. People who have children are actually comparing their children to cats.

"If it's not the kids it's the damn cat, who is at least portable. Ever tried to walk around with forty pounds of kid draped over your forearm?
As a matter of fact, children seem to be the larger version of the cat that won't get off your pillow, and you really can't just sling them onto the floor. They're much too heavy and you will sprain your arm."-


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Such a sweet photo!!!

Rescue cats are the best pets -- they seem to know you've saved them from a really sad life. Two of the three of ours were rescued.

Dharma said...

Animals are family members in my book and the reality is they are a lot like children in many, many ways. Not the same, but the similarities are a overwhelming. I have heard people who have children say this as well. But damn now I have to visit bitch and see what the hubbub is about.