Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thesis Progress

Finally had a meeting with my adviser today. I was horribly nervous because I had written the entire thing, submitting sections of it to her as I went, but had had no feedback about it. No feedback is fine, if you are in agreement about the general plan, but there was no agreement about the plan. Adviser is very nice, but not terribly consistent.

She gave lots of comments, but they were all clarifying points. Nothing wild. Yay!

Now I just have to get it through the committee and filed.


k8 said...

woo hoo! That's great, especially considering the lack of feedback. No feedback always makes me nervous too.

Anonymous said...

yay for comments, finally!

Shirley Cassidy said...

It really is frustrating when advisers (is that the right way to spell that? or is it advisors?) take a while to say their comments. But hey, they really give sound thesis ideas when they're in the right state of mind. Unless you get a really inconsistent adviser, that is.