Thursday, January 11, 2007

Too much work

Well this morning has been better than yesterday. I got an email from an office on campus offering me a RA position for this quarter. Too bad I'm already working 75% time at two other jobs. The problem is that I would really enjoy this job and there is a possibility that it could turn into an ongoing position. It would be very nice not to have to run around looking for positions each quarter. Unfortunately the quarter has already started, so I don't think I can quit my TA position now. My other RA position is with my advisor and mostly involves data analysis for my thesis/her on-going research, so there isn't much point in quitting, since I'll have to do that work either way. Arg!

My post last night had to do with a situation in which someone I'm working for and a co-worker didn't think to include me in their plans and discussions. It was most likely just an oversight; they just happened to be together and things were discussed and decisions made. I have been trying to schedule a meeting with both of them to organize this project all week and having trouble. It feels very frustrating because I feel like I'm the low ranking person in this situation but I'm having to take on a leadership role because neither of them are doing it. I guess I could view it as an opportunity, but it feels like a burden.

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