Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Final Exam

(Watch out, more complaining!) Inexperienced lecturer assigned a 5-7 page essay as the final exam. Students have to turn the exam by 5PM today. The quarter is officially over on Friday. I have approximately 65 students. If I only spend 15 minutes reading each exam it would take me 16 hours and 15 minutes to read them all. My goal is to be done by 5PM Friday. Grades are officially due 72 hours after the exam. Am I so wrong to want to be done by Friday and have a break like everyone else?


kermitthefrog said...

Done. By. Friday. Yes.

Let's both, shall we?

Dharma said...

You are never wrong. Breaks are a good thing. Always. 5-7 page essay as the final? Due when? Sheesh.