Saturday, April 14, 2007

People who are too nice

Profgrrrl posted the question "Evil or Insane?" I have quite a bit of experience in this area. One of my employers/mentors here at Big Ag. U. was crazy making in a similar way.

For whatever reason she was so vague about what work she wanted you to accomplish that it was almost impossible to get anything of consiqence done. If you attempted to actually do something and then show her what you had done, then she would look at it and enevitably tell you what you had done wasn't at all what she had been thinking. Then you would change your work to conform to her requirements and the next time you showed it to her she would want you to change it back.

She was also OCD about the office in a very strange way. Things had to be out and visible so that she could find them, if you made any attempt to organize the office she would become irate. She would also come in and reorganize you desk and computer files while you weren't in the office.

I worked for her for over a year and got almost nothing done. Besides feeling really guilty for taking her money, I decided that her "games" were distracting me from getting any real research done. After six month she still emails me to try to get me back participating in her "projects."

Is she insane? I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure that she's not conscious of the effects of what she does. She seems to genuinely want to do good and help people, but she makes me crazy.

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