Wednesday, April 04, 2007

D&D is evil (the comic)

Beorn pointed me to this comic. I kept on reading, expecting a punchline. It never came. I thought this negative stereotype of role-playing died out in the 80's. I'm more used to the stereotype that all gamers are teenage boys with no social skills, but the main characters in this strip are both young women.

(I'm not going to the trouble of reposting the pictures, although they are hilarious.) Here are the things I learned from "Dark Dungeons":

Remember, if your character dies, your friends won't allow you to roll up a new character, so your life is over.

Playing D&D is intense occult training!

Priestesses of Diana are into bondage.

Spellcasting results in financial windfalls, that's why witches are all millionaires.
Next time I get stressed out I'm going to let Breena take care of things.


wil said...

Christian fundamentalist cartoons aren't supposed to be funny. Nonetheless, they can be bizarrely funny (or just plain bizarre).

Breena Ronan said...

Well I know they aren't, but coming from Beorn I was expecting it to be a pagan and/or gaming comic.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I've never seen anything quite so off base and creepy. I sometimes wonder what sort of paranoid and delusional world these types of people live in. I'm still and avid D&D player (at 34), and last time I checked, I'm an atheist, and don't teach magic to my players, let alone believe in magic. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

As a freakishly strong Christian and a DM, I have to say this comic is rediculous. I guess fundy cartoons aren't supposed to be funny, but I thought this one was hilarious. Has a very "Rock music is the DEVIL" attitude. At first I thought this was a jab at religeous extremism. None of the Wiccans or Christians I know would do anything like this. Creepy.

Unknown said...

lol in my opinion the whole comic is a punchline =^_^= The animosity toward DnD will never end, so I choose to sit back and enjoy the battle.

in fact, I found this comic earlier and started a thread on my favorite forum entitled DnD vs Christianity: Let the battle begin! the point of the thread is to show off the ridiculus stuff that keeps showing up about this subject.

DnD isn't alone in this either, since I recently saw a while article saying that roleplaying as a whole is evil, and the Pokemon card game was the primary target in this.

Many religious fanatics will look for anything to destroy, viewing it all as evil. History tells us the same with the religious wars, the Crusades in particular.

Unknown said...

Oh, and if anyone has any links to other similar sites or images, please send them to me, since I love collecting them =^_^=

My email is

Anonymous said...

I just found this page doing a google search on D&D religious wars, and I read the link. Brought back memories. Many were the times friends and I chuckled over the Jack Chick religious tract comics.

However, with regards to your comic:

"I thought this negative stereotype of role-playing died out in the 80's."

This pamphlet was FROM the 80s. It's gotten lots of play in the D&D community over the last 25 years. Someone even put together an MST3K parody of it.

Classic stuff.

Anonymous said...

*a disembodied voice emerges from the darkness* Heh, in regards to that, as I'm sure anyone will agree to this, I'll simply say: Fanatics will find a reason to fight against anything. *Raziel steps out, face obscured by a low cowl, and clothed entirely in a billowing black garb, completed with a cloak so light it glided even when he stood completely still* It's all a popularity contest. If something seems to be taking the attention of the youth, I'm sure the Christian fanatics will argue against it calling it "evil" or "immoral" XD Personally, I'd love it of some of the things they said were true, like that DnD is the "Devil's Game" HAH! I mean, I have heard romours of people burning DnD books and notes and seeing demons or ghosts, and what I say to that is this: You're either crazy, lying, or you're seeing the residual memories. You never hear of that happening with new DnD books, only ones that have taken plenty of playtime and abuse, or with notebooks full of different DnD notes and such. DnD is a highly memorable, social, and emotional game, and I can see where even non-fanatics would find it potentially dangerous, people who can't take that kind of environment could fall into other things, or go over the edge, but then again, they shouldn't be playing them in the first place. As I pointed out to the person who wrote the essay against roleplaying and pokemon, as long as the parents teach their child the difference between real and fantasy, there shouldn't be a problem.

Heh, I think I've said enough for now =^_^= I'll leave now. *gathers his cloak around him and steps backward into the shadows, fading into them as they take on a seeming smoke appearance and swirl around him, until there is nothing left to tell he was ever there*