Monday, April 16, 2007

Conference anyone?

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to a huge conference. I'm not presenting thankfully, because I'm currently in a morass of data.

Random questions:

How can one possibly choose when there are 15-20 concurrent panels?

Any other bloggers conferencing this week?

Suggestions for the best ways to chat people up during a conference? I'm hoping to network a lot, but it seems difficult when there will be so many people there. There will be too many people to just run into the right ones.

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krisluvswool said...

Ugh-- conferences can be so exciting and so draining at the same time! As for choosing, just go to whatever sounds good-- you can get up between papers if you'd like, so you're not stuck with any single panel, really. I've found that the panels tend to be the least useful aspect of any conference I've been to in my field.

For chatting people up... just do it. It doesn't matter *who* so much as that you do... and bring your business cards and hand them out liberally. It's good practice!