Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm learning to give you all some context

Recently I realized that I'm often to spare in my writing, failing to give enough background and assuming that my readers know me and my point of view. To follow up on my recent post on this evangelical comic, I thought I might give a little context.

Beorn and I are sort of vaguely tree worshipers. Just for good measure between us we fulfill all sorts of stereotypes of geekiness. Beorn worked for many years doing various types of tech support (read: computer nerd.) He has a beard. He likes gaming and science-fiction and sometimes wears a kilt. My parents were hippies. When I was little they went "back to the land" and tried to make a living as organic farmers. I still look vaguely hippy-ish, despite my attempts to hide it. I like botany and gardening. I know (at least a little) just about any craft you can name: sewing, cooking, baking, knitting, pottery, jewelry making, etc.

Given this background I just wasn't expecting an Evangelical comic from Beorn.

"The Rise of the Pagan Right" is more his style. (I especially like the part at the bottom, hippy-geeks can't afford to take themselves too seriously.)

or this one from Devil's Panties


Leslie M-B said...

What, you worship TREES? I totally thought you worshipped cats. Damn. We can't be friends anymore. . . ;)

Breena Ronan said...

Actually people have started to give us funny cat statues (some of them have wings.)