Sunday, April 15, 2007

Carnival of Gradual Progress

The Carnival of GRADual Progress is up at Fumbling Towards Geekdom.
I especially appreciate StyleyGeek for including me considering my recent dirth of posts. I'm always amazed that 20+ people a day stop by my little blog in view of my habit of bipolar posting on academia and sci-fi/fantasy culture.

Hopefully I will get my thoughts together and post soon on my dissertation ideas and considerations for changing programs. First I'll have to look through my previous posts to see what I have written about already. If you had spent three years on a masters and so could be done with coursework and ABD relatively quickly would you choose to start a new PhD program or just stick with the program you had? Everyone here is vaguely supportive, if not willing to help me navigate through the morass that is grad school. On the other hand, if I change programs I might be able to get more money, quit working 30hrs/wk and concentrate on my research. Also, other programs might have more professors who identify with my discipline and/or interests. I'm also considering applying to more "prestigious" programs with the idea that a degree from a big name U. might help me procure a faculty position. (Also, keep in mind I have a husband who wants to go to grad school and lots of undergrad debt.)

Addendum: I should post late a night when I'm tired. I had to go back an fix my typos and other errors. I spelled "prestigious" incorrectly. That takes special talent considering the auto spell checker on my browser.


Anonymous said...

hey, i have a husband who wants to go to grad school and undergrad debt, too!

Dharma said...

Huh. I've been not blogging much either and contemplating just dropping out of school because I am so behind, overwhelmed, and paralyzed about at all. You sound *much* better about it all. Can I be you for awhile, at least until I write 6 or 7 papers?