Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Underpaid professions I'd like to try

Trillwing has written some great posts recently. Yesterday's installment, (The Clutter Museum: 100 years ago today. . . ) on the great quake of 1906, is facinating. The hundredth anniversery of the quake empasizes the small number of survivors that must be left to remember it. Last year on the anniversery the SF Gate wrote about a small gathering of survivors, take a look here. Here's another article on the memories of survivors.

As a teenager I had some strange jobs and one of them introduced me to a quake survivor. I served meals for a assisted living development. Its was sort of a strange job because we had to dress up and act like we were waiting tables at a restaurant, but it was really a glorified cafeteria. The best shift was Saturday afternoons when I would set up an ice cream sunday making station. Lots of the seniors were pleasantly surprised every week. One resident was a quake survivor, but, like many of the survivors in the media recently, she was a small child at the time and so didn't remember much. Somehow it was still facisnating to talk to her, a living connection to a time I can only imagine.

Trillwing also posted recently "underpaid professions I'd like to try." I think my number one underpaid profession would be oral historian! I love talking to people and hearing their stories.

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