Thursday, April 06, 2006


Ever since the quarter started I have been unable to pull myself out of my spring break slacking mode. I feel like I could use another month or two of vacation. But I figure I'll mention a few bits of news from the first full week of the quarter.

1. I'm TAing a class that involves studying with a coloring book. Coloring is fun.

2. Next week the talks for the new faculty candidates start. I'm excited. The department will be hiring two new faculty members and a related department will be hiring an additional position. I hope they are young and enthusiastic, because there are way too many profs at the moment who are exhausted and ready to retire.

3. I went to a workshop on teaching and technology. Apparently Big Ag U. will be adopting a content management program called Sakai. Once its up and running it will be possible to have class blogs/wikis, chatting, and online office hours. The workshop facilitators also pointed out that anyone with a U. account will be able to create content pages for research projects or whatever else they want to collaborate on. Sounds great. The current system the U. uses is, frankly, really crappy.

4. My quarters always seem to end up having themes. Fall quarter was all about natural resources and restoration. This quarter is going to be all about urban planning. I'm not sure if I am going to enjoy this or be thoroughly annoyed by the end.

5. Last week, I managed to buy a couple of new bras. After reading a lot about bras and fittings ala Bitch Ph.D., I went to Nordstroms and had a fitting. Having bras that fit makes me a lot more comfortable, but my new official size made it clear to me that I need to change my eating habits and start riding my bike.

6. I actually made myself a new pair of underwear using my sewing machine, a t-shirt, and some elastic. The idea came from SuperNaturale. It took a little while to figure out, but they turned out really comfy. Also, I never wear men's style T-shirts because they don't fit right, but sometimes I end up with some in my closet. I bet now that I have done it once I could make a bunch in an afternoon. This website has more detailed instructions on how to sew them together and even create fancy lacy nickers.

7. I bought a new bike seat. The old one was all torn up from sitting outside in the weather for too many years. I haven't managed to install it or ride my bike because it keeps on raining.

8. After reading a whole bunch of blogs over spring break I considered creating a new blog about cooking, crafting, and gardening and keep this blog focused on my academic ramblings. People seem to try to keep their blogs focused. I just can't do it though, my life doesn't seperate neatly like that. The last thing I need is to start focusing on trying to please others (readers).

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Dharma said...

A couple of your items echoed for me.
#5 - I am happy to note my bra size hasn't changed however, I would like it too. I am pretty sure that I will never be a 34B again and I'm okay with that but if get to the over size I'd be more comfortable with, oh darn I'll have to buy new bras.

#6 - Very impressed!

#7 - Bike riding, yep I should be doing that.

#8 - My life is so woven together there is no way I could divide things up like others do. Besides it would be that much more to keep track of and I barely have a handle on my life as it is!