Sunday, April 02, 2006


I have been neglecting my blog since I have been on spring break. Generally I’m not a big fan of travel vacations. If I have some time off I generally like to spend it cocooned in our little cottage, gardening, crafting, gaming, and goofing around on the internet. The only problem with this type of vacation is that there isn’t a maid. I had to talk myself into cleaning and cooking. After writing so many pages in a few days at the end of the quarter, I didn’t feel like writing anything.

I wrote a short paper on gender and online gaming. Beorn and I have been online gaming of and on for a number of years. During college I spent a lot of time on a text based MUD. So I have been interested in the way gender is expressed in these spaces for a long time. A few years back I tried searching for research on the subject through online databases, but didn’t find anything. I should have known that journal and article about online gaming would be in obscure journals and conferences. Searching online this time produced a whole bunch of links.
Women in Games Conference


Women in Games International


Gender & Computing

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