Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Breaking Through the Digital Divide?

A recent article in Wired highlights some homeless people who, despite their homelessness, keep in touch with the wider world via the internet. Wired News: Laptops Give Hope to the Homeless Considering the large amount of hype about the digital divide, I wonder how many homeless people regularly use the internet. Unfortunately, its difficult to know, beyond anecdotal evidence from homeless people and their advocates, since it's difficult to get an accurate count of how many people are homeless, let alone what they are doing with their time. Here's a link to Kevin Barbieux's blog, The Homeless Guy. I agree with him, Tom Waits is fabulous. If you have never heard any Tom Waits music, check out the ANTI-Artist site. Great music for when you are feeling melancholy.

Another group breaking through is the San Fernando Education Technology Team (SFETT). Their website contains loads of great videos created by local high school students. They also conduct a film festival for the community every year. Fabulous! (I stole the photo off their site to tempt you. Go check out some movies!)


Sam said...

Wow! I thought hopeless guys need homes!

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