Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sorry for the silence, but I have been wrapped up with RL lately, so my blogging has suffered. This will be a brief, but fun post. I have been thinking about why people choose to play the characters that they play in virtual worlds. It seems to me that the avatar you choose says a lot about you and in particular your fantasies and desires. In the same way that people project negative aspects of their own personalities onto others, often, gamers project positive qualities that they desire onto their game avatars.

Given that introduction, I thought I would give you all a glimpse into my subconscious. I have been gaming, in some form or another for quite a number of years. Invariably, I choose to play female characters who are physically large and strong. My characters also like to do things with their hands, fighting hand-to-hand or maybe having skills in building things. They usually have engineering or science expertise. Here are pictures of my two favorite avatars on WOW for your analysis.


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