Monday, June 19, 2006


Since the quarter is over and I'm still feeling somewhat manic, I spent all weekend working on blog related stuff. I learned a bunch about blog templates, but I'm still not happy with the color scheme. Oh well, more changes coming soon.

I installed greasemonkey, which is an extension program for mozilla firefox. Once you install greasemonkey you can download and install 'hacks' that people have created. The crazy thing is the hacks can basically change the way you see any webpage you go to. You don't like the colors on someone's blog? You change it! There's also a hack to add a field to blogger postings pages for tags, so now I can tag everything easily.

Also discovered bloglines and Bloglines is fabulous because I can quickly keep up to date on new blog posts and news from my favorite media. At first I wasn't sure about because I thought it might be a good idea to give too much info out, but then I realized that I'm blogging under an assumed name, what do I care? tags are much more useful than web-browser bookmarks. I'm always having trouble keeping track of my bookmarks because I can't cross reference them. Also, now I can waste a lot of time looking at things other people have tagged!

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Leslie M-B said...

Purty template! I've been meaning to send you this link to Pruned's Bloglines feeds. Enjoy, but only check it out if you have a LOT of time.

And happy anniversary! :)