Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back in junior high

Well, the class from hell is finally over. I managed to grade 110 exams in 10 hours. I figure that was less than 6 minutes per exam. Each exam consisted of 90 T/F and multiple choice questions and 3 short answer questions. Mind you, the professor had us grade them by hand, no scantrons involved. I was having trouble finishing them because I was getting so irritated about the whole thing, and the fact that I didn't say anything to the professor about the issue. I have trouble with confrontations sometimes, so instead I dropped them in her mailbox, not alphabetized. How's that for passive-aggressive? I'm working my way up to actually confronting people when I'm frustrated about something, but for now just getting away from her and the exams was a relief. Luckily, she's an adjunct and they are canceling the classes that she teaches so hopefully I will never see her again.

I have heard some terrible stories about professors abusing their TAs and RAs, so I know that my situation really wasn't that bad, but I'm just used to being treated with respect and consideration. Spending 10 hours grading exams that could have been done in 10 minutes using a machine feels like busy-work. It was like being back in Junior High.

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