Wednesday, June 06, 2007

BBC Religious Sitcoms

Lately we have been watching The Vicar of Dibley, a hilarious comedy about a female vicar in small town in England, starring Dawn French. I love Dawn French. (You might remember her as the Fat Lady in Harry Potter.) She's funny, smart, and beautiful. I also love the fact that her weight doesn't seem to be an issue in the show.

Someday I want to have a face off between the Vicar and Father Ted. Father Ted stars three slightly cracked Irish catholic priests, forced to live on Craggy Island because of their un-priestly ways.

American sitcoms can't hold a candle to British ones in my mind. These two shows are so funny, they really cheer me up. Very few American shows have ever done that for me, maybe MASH as a kid. I'm not obsessed with all things British, but British TV is the best.


Anonymous said...

have you seen coupling? i love it, so hilarious! and i like chef! too. ahh, the bbc.

Breena Ronan said...

Oh! Coupling is one of our favorites. I saw the American pilot and I couldn't believe how bad it was. How can you use the same writing and yet have it turn out so different? The same thing goes for Red Dwarf, the American pilot was horrible and it wasn't like the themes of the show was particularly British.

wen said...

i love the vicar of dibley! i used to watch it in new zealand when i was there... :)

Anonymous said...

yes YES the american version was horrible!!