Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday! My dad bought me a gift certificate to the craft center where I volunteer. So now I can afford to buy some crafting supply or take some new crafting classes. What classes should I take? Well I have already taken pottery, glass bead making, and glass fusing. Welding appeals to me because it's something that is frequently thought of as man's work. I could also use a woodcrafting review, but I often get overwhelmed by the possibilities of these crafts. Woodworking and welding could evolve into furniture making or large sculptures. I like crafts that are limiting in some way, that involve small projects done relatively quickly. So I may choose precious metalsmithing, learning silver soldering and gem setting, or maybe enameling.

What else am I doing for my birthday? Beorn and I are planning an expedition to get a haircut and a new pair of shoes.

Also, I think I have secured an internship with a local design firm. First they emailed me to set up an interview, then last night I got a second email saying they wanted to offer me an internship. I don't think I have ever gotten a job without at least a phone interview, so I'm a little confused, but hopeful. Now I'm just waiting to see what the next email says.

If I do end up with this internship, I will likely be working full time this year between the internship and my TA positions. Luckily, I'm not planning on taking many classes. Hopefully I'll still have enough time to get some research and reading done. It should mean a less stressful money situation for our household.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

Nancy White said...

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your mousses be chocolate!

Leslie M-B said...

All good news!

I can't believe I missed your birthday.

Duh. Sorry about that.

Happy belated birthday!

AnJaka said...
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