Friday, December 09, 2005

The End is Near!

So this week is that last week of classes. Hooray! I survived my own classes and feel very relieved. Now I just have to survive writing a couple of term papers and GRADING. I mentioned that my car was stolen the week before Thanksgiving, well I found the car, but none of our stuff was inside it. My grading sheets and a whole sections poster projects were in the car, (so my blog must remain anonymous). I have had to request that students return to me their first assignment. Their participation in section I’m reconstructing from the written discussion questions I collected from them. Then there are the posters that I hadn’t graded, those I’m asking for the written materials/rough draft, which I have to attempt to grade. It’s horrible!
In other news, we are moving! Currently we rent a bungalow in a lower-middle class neighborhood about thirty minutes from our University. Since we have had such bad luck in our current neighborhood and hubby is transferring to the University next quarter, we were ready to move. Luckily, the lecturer I’m TAing for is moving and so we are going to be renting her cohousing condo. I’m very excited! We will be able to bike to the University. Also, every household cooks dinner once a month, so we won’t have to cook several nights a week. They also have a community garden, a community orchard, a community house (great for parties), and a woodshop. We are going to move over the holiday break. I’m not looking forward to the process, but I can’t wait to make a new start in a new place.

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Leslie M-B said...

Yay on finding the car! I'm hoping there wasn't any damage. Who the hell would steal your students' papers? Maybe one of your students took the vehicle! :D