Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blogging Backlog

I don't know how people find time to blog everyday. I frequently find myself with a major backlog of things I would like to blog about. If I don't catch up on my posts within a week I usually let them drop since timeliness seems of the essence in blogging.

Upcoming posts...

1. Tips for professors on how to work with TAs. (If you treat your TAs nice, word will get around, people will want to work for you. Good TAs can do things for you, things you probably haven't realized you need someone to do for you.)
2. Ideas for how to grade papers/essay exams efficiently.
3. Reflections on Articulate Dad's comments on the insanity that is academia.
4. More on my PhD program dilemma.
5. Thoughts on the place of blogging in academia.

When these posts might happen is a mystery. The rest of this week will be filled with work and grading. Sunday I'm leaving town for a few days for a retreat. Yay!

Maybe spring break will be a time for blogging?


wil said...

"I don't know how people find time to blog everyday" -- most people don't work two 50% time jobs while in grad school!

Breena Ronan said...

I know, I'm insane.