Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sorry for the long interlude

My blog suddenly went silent.

Things got away from me and my normal routine has still not fully returned. So here are a few important details from the last month or so.

1. My grandfather died.
2. This caused great turmoil in my family.
3. The same week we were scheduled to move out of our apartment.
4. Then we stayed at my father's house for a while because my grandmother's attic was still filthy and full of trash.
5. We got it mostly cleaned up and most of the junk moved out.
6. Now we are helping to care for my grandmother who has dementia.
7. The attic where we are living still needs a lot of work.
8. I'm frustrated that I can't be in control of the manner and speed of the repairs.
9. I still don't feel much like blogging.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Take care, I'm sure the blogging mojo will return when your life settles down.

wil said...


Anonymous said...

lots of hugs. i was worried about you... so sorry for all the hard things going on right now.

Eddie said...


Bewildered Academic said...

Hugs to you, breena. That's an awful lot to deal with. I will be thinking of you and watching for your blog posts.

Chaser said...

Oh, gosh. I am hoping that you are doing ok. I have been traveling and not at all caught up, so I just saw this...