Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Google Earth Meme

Since Trilliwing posted her childhood home as viewed from google earth I have been trying to find a picture on google earth to represent myself with. Sadly, the town I where I went to highschool is very pixilated. I also searched for the home of my mother's grandparents, which I have fond memories of, but I was so young when it was sold that I couldn't find it. Maybe one factor for my grad school focus on "places" is my continuing search for home.

This is an image of my paternal grandparents' mini-farm. The place is called Batavia, previously a railroad stop for the surrounding farms. My grandparents' is the big green triangle between the road and the railroad. They bought the place when my father was still in elementary school.

This place is the trailer park we lived briefly. The area is known as Agua Caliente or Valley of the Moon, great names for such a rundown strip. Southeast of the trailer park is Flowery Elementary where I attended second grade. The green curve to the West is a little creek we used to play and swim in. I don't remember which trailer was ours.

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