Tuesday, January 24, 2006

forcast: stormy

Things have been stormy lately. Even once the moving was over I didn't really feel up to blogging. Since my car broke down during the move and was subsequently broken into, we seem to be minus one laptop computer, one pda, and one digital camera. I had no idea that those things were in the car.

So I can't post my latest crafty exploits. Last night I participated in a workshop on how to make jewelry out of borositicate glass. To see some cool examples of this craft, check out JellyFish Glass. My first experiments were not highly successful, but glass is very appealing because you get to work with fire and its easy to complete a project in a short amount of time. I love crafts that involve flames! I want to learn welding. I mean what could be more empowering than building things out of metal!

What other stormy happenings have been highjacking my attempts to blog? Wait, can stormy weather highjack things? Well Beorn and I have been bickering over any number of household issues. We were so busy fighting on Monday that somehow Beorn dropped his cell phone on the street. This morning in an attempt to find the phone, he called it from our home phone. The genius on the other end of the line had taken it to LA and was completely unapologetic. I personally wouldn't consider a cell phone worth stealing because most peope already have their own cell phones and the person you steal it from is just going to cancel it as soon as they realize that it has been stolen.

Today I managed to read the completely wrong seventy pages for my seminar. I have special disorganization talents!

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Leslie M-B said...

No WONDER you haven't been blogging. Argh. I'm so sorry to hear you lost all the technology. So frustrating! Grrrrrrr!